Badgers Tickets and Diaper Genies: Whitefish Bay on Craigslist

Anything and everything is available on the popular classified site, and we've found some of the more interesting items being sold in Whitefish Bay.

Because one man’s trash is another man’s whale water slide, Whitefish Bay Patch has dug into the treasure trove of Craigslist to find interesting and unusual items listed for sale in the village.

Your home entertainment system

It didn’t take long to find a 30-inch flatscreen TV, a brand new DVD player, speakers and an entertainment system to hold it all.

The ensemble would be complete if only you could get Naked Gun 33 1/3 on VHS.

Love the classics

Two well-known toys of yesteryear — one for summer and one for winter — are available. A Radio Flyer tricycle includes the fringe sprouting out of the handlebars, while a two-runner sled is touted as a toy or a Christmas decoration.

On, Wisconsin!

Few universities boast a better football atmosphere than Wisconsin. Four tickets area available for the Nov. 17 game with powerhouse Ohio State. (Seats are in the corner of an end zone, directly opposite the students.)

That’s interesting

  • Notable about this print of New York Yankees legend Lou Gehrig is the alcohol sponsor, Seagram’s 7.
  • Helpful tip: If you are a brand new parent, or expecting, you must have a Diaper Genie. Thank me later.
  • It’s easy to think the worst when you see a wedding ring for sale. But it’s simply a wrong size. Whew!
  • These Air Jordans came out near the end of his second “three-peat,” and the seller reports they’ve hardly been worn.

Patch does not vouch for the quality or availability of any of the items listed.


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