Found on Craigslist: Jim Beam Bottles, Car Hoods and a Shrimp Butler

What do folks right here in Brookfield have for sale on Craigslist? We've pulled some of the most interesting items for you to check out.

Because one man’s trash is another man’s shrimp butler, Brookfield Patch has dug into the treasure trove of Craigslist to find interesting and unusual items listed for sale in our communities.

A feast for Fido

If the family dog turns up his nose at dog food out of the bag and demands something better, you can get some great recipe idea from this dog cookbook, which is going for a mere $5. The seller says this book is made of thick cardboard and comes with a bone-shaped cookie cutter.

Lance who?

Given the recent woes of cyclist Lance Armstrong, the Brookfield seller who wants $30 for a Nike Lance Armstrong watch with a dead battery may have a tough time finding a buyer. The owner swears the watch is "like new" — and only requires a battery to get it to start running again. Hmm...Just like Armstrong swears he's innocent.

I'll take mine straight up

Fans of Jim Beam will be thrilled to know there are several collectible bottles on the market right now featuring the classic brand of whiskey. And, yes, some of them still have booze in them. There's the Jim Beam circus wagon bottles for $15, Model T car for $15, the Bobby Unser Indy car for $15, and the amazing Jim Beam train set, which includes four railroad car bottles (filled with whiskey) and train tracks for $100. Sorry, kids. Seller Kim says you must be 21 to buy any of these items.

'Honey, guess what I just bought?'

Anyone who grew up in the '60s or '70s knows that the Chevy Chevelle was a pretty sweet ride. But we're not sure that even the biggest fan of that classic car would know what to do with a Chevelle hood that Jeff in Brookfield is trying to sell for $25. But if you are interested, Jeff wants you to know that the gold hood is from a Chevelle from the early '70s and is a standard hood, not domed, or a cowl induction hood.

Humor is in the eye of the beholder

This item is billed as a "humorous hand-embroidered tea towel," but, frankly, it's overpriced and doesn't strike us as that humorous. The towel, which is going for $12, is bright yellow fuchsia stitching and three satin-covered fuchsia buttons. That's all well and good, but not sure about the embroidered message, which says: "My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance."

Last but not least...

And what about that shrimp butler? Never heard of this product before, but apparently it speeds up shrimp preparation. "With one turn of the crank, you can slice and fillet the shrimp shell, making it quick and easy to peel and devein the shrimp." For $18, it's yours. It's brand new and still in the box. Sounds like a wedding gift never opened, perhaps?

Patch does not vouch for the quality or availability of any of the items listed.


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