Heaven on Earth? Scientist, Psychologist Say it's Coming

Creation science, genetic coding and cosmology are among the heady topics on 'the new earth,' which will be presented at Brookfield Lutheran.

If you think the world is spiraling downward and fret over global warming, the destruction of the rainforests and other calamities that threaten our life on earth, take heart: a new earth is coming.

Rick Albrecht, a West Allis -West Milwaukee science teacher, will team up with Tim Albers, a psychologist at local schools to present a program on "Nature Without Naturalism: New Thoughts on a New Earth" at Brookfield Lutheran Church on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.

There is a day coming when everything will be made anew, according to Albrecht and Albers. Contrary to popular misconceptions, they point out, the Bible predicts a restored, renewed, physical and "earthly" New Earth which is a silver lining for even the staunchest pessimist to grasp. 

However, it's no flowery lecture on the age of Aquarius:  their wide-ranging talk will cover subjects from genetic coding, information theory, and astrobiology to motivation theory, cosmology and paleontology. So bring an open mind and lots of questions.

In addition, the duo's backgrounds are rooted in science, which should satisfy any skeptic.

Albercht's love of mountains earned him a degree in geology, and led to a career-long fascination with the topic of our universe's origins.  Albers is also a graduate adjunct professor at Concordia University Wisconsin who focuses on subjects from worldview analysis to the roots of school violence. He has presented creation - evolution issues in settings from the Audubon Nature Center to an international conference on Intelligent Design.


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