Leaked Romney Video Highlights Choice Between Dependency or Opportunity

Romney video reveals nothing scary despite dishonest spin. Reality is both candidates have 43 percent to 47 percent of the vote they can not get or worry about how to change their minds.

The Liberal media is all excited about the video they found where Mitt Romney states 47% of the people are going to vote for Obama because they buy into the Democratic Party theme that you can’t do it without government help. Many people wonder with Obama’s failed record how can his opponent not win in a landslide, so it was important for Romney to communicate that he has a tough battle. Romney‘s message is that Obama will get 47% of the vote by appealing to those who believe the government needs redistribute wealth. In the video he also stated that the 47% who do not pay taxes will not be excited about the message of lower taxes. This statement is also true but the 47% who don’t pay taxes are not the same 47% that will vote for Obama. Many of the people who don’t pay taxes don’t want increased dependency on the government, but rather want more opportunity to get a job or better jobs. This group is better supported by the Romney agenda. Some may be retired people who should prefer Romney based on his greater support for Medicare for people over 55.

The 47% that are voting for Obama no matter what are doing so for a myriad of reasons. But the reason it is that it is that high, is people who want the government to redistribute wealth and increase dependency on government. Some want increased dependency on government because they want the benefits, others because they somehow think that is fair, and others like elites because it give them a lock on power. After all this is the Democratic Party that had Sandra Fluke speak at their convention to insist she get birth control for free. It is the party that put out the life of Julia video to support the idea how great expanding the role of government in every aspect of our lives. The theme of the movie is Julia has to have the government provide everything or she will fail. These are voters who believe in President Obama’s “You did not build that” speech. In that speech he explained hard work and being smart do not matter, it is just luck weather you are successful or not. People who feel that way are willing to trade freedom and turn their lives over to masterminds in Washington in return for a larger entitlement state. These people are not impressed with Romney’s ideas on improving the economy to help them get a job or better pay.

This video can be a good thing if we discuss the issue being raised. This issue is this election is a choice between are we going to continue to march down the path to a ever expanding failed entitlement state or do we move towards a more responsible government that can survive. This will be the last election to make this choice. All the other issues can change again in another 4 years with a new President. If Obamacare is not repealed or modified next year we are locked into direction of an ever expanding entitlement state. The main function of Obamacare is to redistribute money to push the direct dependency up to the point that Democrats will have a permanent voting bloc. At that point the bottom 60% will abuse the top 40% that will be paying all of the taxes until we crash like Greece. Ironically even the bottom 60% will be worse off in the medium and long term under a second Obama term.

What Romney did not say is that he won’t be concerned about the 47% that will not vote for him as President, as some dishonest or ignorant people are suggesting.  There is a difference between not worrying about getting someone vote and not worrying about improving conditions for them.(1) Jay Carney trotted out the example of GM to show President Obama did not just care about his supporters, to push this spin that Romney does not care about you if you vote for Obama. They might want to re-think that example. The bailout of GM was really a bailout of the UAW and the UAW Retiree Healthcare fund that would have been wiped out in bankruptcy. That is where the $15 Billion taxpayer loss in GM went. Meanwhile at Delphi UAW workers were made whole based on promises they had from a bankrupt GM, but salaried workers were wiped out. The bailout was done to help a major campaign contributor at the expense of taxpayers, the long term health of the company, and jobs. This President is the most divisive ever and has done more to try to represent only his supporters than anyone I can remember, think drilling ban, attacking Boeing for creating jobs in South Carolina, or the way stimulus was spent.(2) This is the President that when Republicans brought ideas for his stimulus his response was “Elections have consequences and we won.”

Romney is right to not concern himself with winning the vote of people who like President Obama’s wealth redistribution plans and increasing government dependency, he can’t win those votes. Just like Obama can’t win the votes of people like me who want to take issues like debt, deficits, saving Medicare, improving the private sector economy, and reducing government dependency seriously. I know the Democrats put this video out to distract coverage from President Obama’s disaster in the Middle East. But what we should decide is do we want to expand the entitlement state, increase dependency, and accept a lower standard of living in exchange for security of government benefits and control of our lives until we crash as President Obama supports.  Or do we want to get government out of the way and allow us to have more opportunity to deal with our challenges as Romney does.

1)      http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/18/romney-sticks-by-victims-comments-but-calls-them-off-cuff/

2)      http://video.foxnews.com/v/1850040483001/fact-checking-obamas-back-story/?playlist_id=86858

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Craig September 21, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Crock: I let your personal insults roll off of my back and stayed on point; much like a special needs teacher would do with a developmentally disabled child. You chose to change subjects and twist reality. At some point even a Saint would do as I did, and give up on you. People are like a box of chocolates, some are filled with honey and you are filled with crap.
Craig September 21, 2012 at 07:48 PM
THATS IT! I'M TAKING MY BALL AND GOING HOME! Democrats are so predictable.
James R Hoffa September 21, 2012 at 07:59 PM
@Taoist - "And Craig, I bet you'd vote for David Duke before Obama, just like "Hoffa" would." Damned right Hoffa would vote David Duke before Barack Obama, and the basis of that vote would have nothing to do with race! Duke actually had a great platform when he campaigned for President, but guys like you would have never have known it because instead of actually looking at it, all you were able to see were racial issues. So, who's the one who can't seem to look beyond racial issues here? Hint: try looking in the mirror for the answer to that question! As to Iraq: In September 2010, the Associated Press issued an internal memo reminding its reporters that "combat in Iraq is not over", and "U.S. troops remain involved in combat operations alongside Iraqi forces, although U.S. officials say the American combat mission has formally ended" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/03/ap-memo-iraq-war_n_705446.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/03/ap-memo-iraq-war_n_705446.html Combat operations with our troops are still ongoing - hmmm... sure sounds like an engagement is still ongoing to Hoffa! The lefty/liberal Salon seems to concur in this assessment: http://www.salon.com/2011/12/17/no_the_u_s_is_not_leaving_iraq/ So, what kind of liberal logic is Taoist going to use to spin the reality of Iraq being over?
H.E. Pennypacker September 21, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Taoist listens attentively to his Dear Leader, King Hussein Obama. Tao and his over fed over sized wife are cuckolded by Barack Hussein Obama hmmm hmmmm hmmm.
Jennie Stoltz September 22, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Where have you gotten this information because everything I have been reading shows that Obama's lead in the polls has gotten progressively bigger ever since the RNC.


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