Azana Spa Adds Memorials to Fallen Coworkers as it Reopens

Nearly six weeks after a mass shooting, fire and sprinkler damage physically ruined Azana Salon & Spa, the shop will reopen Saturday with a renovation that includes tributes to the three women who died.

From chaos to tranquility, damage to repair, old to new.

At the foot of Azana Salon & Spa's main doors that Radcliffe Haughton entered and unleashed a deadly mass shooting six weeks ago now lies a granite plaque honoring the three women he killed.

In memory of Zina, Cary & Maelyn
Oct. 21, 2012
We miss you

Those doors will reopen for customers Saturday morning for the first time since the tragedy.

Inside the doors, just off to the side, hairstylist Zina Daniel Haughton's chair and station have been replaced with a small table and chairs, a white candle and a vase that will forever hold three yellow roses.

Three to represent Zina, Cary Robuck and Maelyn Lind.

The same for a trio of white fluffy pillows on the couches. They are subtle touches, dreamed up by the spa's original owner, designer . There also will be a trio of photos of the women that will hang in the spa's lunch room.

Pedicurists will be able to see the front entrance with a dramatic new mirrored wall, and the circular staircase that dominates the spa has been re-carpeted in chocolate brown, the color of new furniture.

Gemmell and her sister showed the changes on Friday — first to the spa's staff who spent time together, doing each other's hair and nails and just hanging out — and then to media cameras and reporters.

The renovations were needed not only because of the severe water damage caused when a small fire Haughton lit set off the two-story building's sprinklers but also to create a new, comfortable space, Gemmell said.

The new color scheme? Touches of blues and greens for tranquility and white for purity, all meant to calm and soothe staff and clients. The yellow for the roses meant to symbolize friendship "and the promise of a new beginning," Gemmell said.

When the spa reopens at 8 a.m. Saturday, another color will be on display: purple. Purple gift cards will be sold, with the proceeds going to the Azana Benefit Fund. The fund's assets will be distributed equally at the end of the year to the four women who were shot but survived, and to the children of the three women who died.

Donations can be dropped off at any Associated Bank branch or mailed to the Associated Bank at 1 N. Moorland Rd, Brookfield, WI, 53045.

Patch's coverage of the Azana spa shooting

Love December 01, 2012 at 12:39 AM
I hope these women can get through this awful tragedy. My sister-in-law was working when the shooting took place, she was not shot but still suffers greatly. Each one of them are so brave and strong. I hope the reopening of the spa goes flawlessly and wish each of them involved the best. Prayers are with you. RIP to the three women we lost.
josie peterson January 08, 2013 at 12:53 AM
I am grateful to have known Maelyn, Cary and Zina I have had many conversations with all three in the kitchen at Azana when I worked there, I am also thankful for all of the people that I saw on a daily basis, I have alot of great memories being there. Josie Peterson


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