Metro Market Shopper Wins $10K in Contest

This is the second winner at a Brookfield store: a Brookfield woman won a 60-inch $5K TV from a scratch-off at the Ruby Isle Pick 'n Save, Roundy's says.

Been wondering if anyone ever wins those scratch-offs at Pick 'n Save?

Roundy's says many are — and Brookfield might be the pot of gold at the end of the scratch-off rainbow.

The company plans to deliver a $10,000 check tomorrow afternoon to a Brookfield man who got a winning ticket at , 17630 W. Blue Mound Rd. (Updated Thursday: The winner was Bill Smalls.)

Roundy's said a Brookfield woman previously won a 60-inch, high-definition, 3D television worth $5,000 for a winning scratch-off at the , 2205 N. Calhoun Rd in Brookfield.

Metro Market store director Scott Sweeney said Wednesday he and his coworkers were stunned when a couple came in, asking if the $10,000 cash prize on their scratch-off was real. They had got the ticket after buying a few items on a Saturday.

"We actually had to do a double take when they showed it — is this really a $10,000 winner?" Sweeney said. "It was fantastic. There was a lot of excitement in the store.

"The woman said to me, 'I thought these games were dumb and I don't think they're dumb anymore,'" Sweeney said.

It was the first big winner at Metro Market under the football-themed contest dubbed "Winning Play" that started Oct. 9. In the previous Monopoly game contest, Sweeney said his store had a some winners of iPads and iPods and "couple small cash" prizes.

Roundy's spokeswoman Vivian King said 52 Wisconsin winners have won prizes valued at more than $100. Those prizes have included nine $500 iPad 2s, 34 grocery gift cards for $100 and six gift cards for $1,000.

In all, she said, nearly 60,000 customers have won prizes, from $1, $5 and $20 in cash to the $10,000 winner. The contest has more than 6 million prizes valued at more than $45 million dollars, she said.

Roundy's operates stores under the names of Pick ’n Save, Copps, Rainbow Foods, Metro Market and Mariano’s Fresh Market in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

The scratch-off game is only being played in Wisconsin and Illinois. "Wisconsin has more winners," King said.

Some shoppers have complained that after failing to win anything in the stores' Monopoly game, they didn't want to both with the new game. Others say they keep getting loser tickets.

Sweeney said his wife does most of the shopping and keeps getting tickets that win more tickets.

King said she understood the frustration but said: "This is easier than Monopoly. You don't have to collect anything. you don't have to match anything to a game board. You just scratch off and see if you win."

The contest runs through Feb. 4 or until all the prizes are won.


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