What Would It Take to Reveal Your Deepest, Darkest Secret?

Tell me why President Obama doesn't have a genuine history.

So, if you've been in a bubble the last twenty-four hours, you might have missed that the man sporting America's Favorite Combover has offered $5 MILLION to President Obama's charity of choice if the President will release his college transcripts and applications and a few passport details.

I'm not a Birther in the strictest sense of the meaning, but I have to agree with Donald Trump when he indicates this is a very secretive president. Why do we know so little about young Obama? And why do we not consider it batshit crazy that a U.S. President wrote a fabricated autobiography?

Dreams From My Father has a disclaimer in the front:

”For the sake of compression, some of the characters that appear are composites of people I’ve known, and some events appear out of precise chronology. With the exception of my family and a handful of public figures, the names of most characters have been changed for the sake of their privacy.”

Hey I write composite characters, too, but it's called fiction. We have a President who is delighted to provide a fictional accounting of his life in hopes we like him better.

Which brings me back to my first question: What would it take for you to reveal your deepest, darkest secret?

I'm easy here. A few years ago I made a concerted effort to live full-out, all the time. I cleaned up whatever lies I'd told myself and stories I'd let others assume and let it all hang out. Oh, it wasn't pretty, but darn it. It's so much easier! And I'm a lot more fun now. 

You will be spared. I shall not provide a list of my secrets, because technically I don't have any now. For me it was a matter of living authentically and it was a gift I gave myself. You can have my college transcripts for the asking if you'd like, though. They are kind of awesome.

But why is President Obama so quiet about his past? Why do his ancestors make their way into stories under one set of details only to have those details unwound when the stories are obviously untrue?

I have my own answer. I'll probably lay it out in the comments later. But I want to know what you think. Bring it on.

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Bob McBride October 27, 2012 at 01:06 PM
The left was calling for the release of Scott Walker's MU records during the recall temper tantrum, so I guess hypocritical goes both ways. Calling for the release of records that either can't be produced due to legal or security concerns or that won't be produced because they're immaterial and doing so would be open the floodgates to non-stop requests for similar crap is a time honored tradition in our political system. Rather than getting our undies in a bundle over the same thing repeatedly, maybe we should be asking how much longer we're going to continue to participate in this foolishness? It wouldn't keep coming up if we didn't all respond as desired over and over again. In this case, Donald Trump got exactly what he desired by utilizing it, as did the press, the talking heads...all the way down to rock bottom - this level - where we can swat each other over the heads with it. If you truly want it to stop, don't play along.
Lyle Ruble October 27, 2012 at 01:09 PM
@Bob McBride...Amen!
Cindy Kilkenny October 27, 2012 at 01:28 PM
@Bob and @Lyle - I made the very same argument about Scott Walker in my book: http://www.amazon.com/Scott-Walkers-Wisconsin-Conservative-ebook/dp/B009E6CPKO
Greg October 27, 2012 at 01:43 PM
$2.99 ??? Who do you think we are, Trump?
DICK STEINBERG October 27, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Cindy. The only comment you have made is to promote your book. You either promote your own ego or something else that sells. Your fairly conservative blog filters comments with either blocking them or having your followers back you up. You criticize a candidate and then back him/her when it looks like a winnner; you write about the failures of the Governor and your own Mayor and them back them when they are looking good; You tout yourself as a candidate for Alderman and then get cold feet because of a little extra effort; you hide behind your computer and refuse to have a face to face meeting with you know who; you resent a local Alderman because he challenged your ability; you research with fever every issue to make you look like a professor; you want to have political influence but admit you do not have time to work in the trenches. Cindy, you ask for our secrets but have not released yours. I like the times better when we took someone at their word.


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