Who is Responsible for the Deaths in Benghazi?

There are two main parties the are responsible for the death of American Heroes.

Yesterday, I read an article regarding the soldiers that stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.  It pointed out that while many were fleeing the eastern seaboard, these men would stand at their post no matter the weather.  As the video points out, the tomb has been guarded 24-7 since 1937, no matter the weather conditions.  We can certainly assume that they will be there as Sandy roared through. 

These men work a grueling shift isolated and living with the sole purpose to honor these heroes that have been laid to rest unidentified.  I had the honor to witness the changing of the guard last year in the middle of a pouring rain and 50 degree weather.  It was my second time at the Tomb and my respect and admiration for those guards had not waned.  I felt a sense of duty to endure the rain and cold wind with these men as they paced.  This got me to thinking about the debacle in Benghazi and how we have in place a man to guard a tomb of dead soldiers, but no man to guard those of the living. 

Now of course our country has a military, the best in the world, which should be able to orchestrate a precision attack from nearly anywhere on the planet.  We were able to launch an attack in Pakistan that took out Osama Bin Laden. Despite this strength, we weren’t able to get a team into Benghazi during a 7 hour fire fight? 

By all accounts, this attack was not only known about in full scale by the administration, they also had a live feed to the action on the ground.  A video streaming from a drone and the cameras in the Consulate showing in real time the attacks on our Ambassador and the other Americans in that location, but nothing was done.  This presidency literally watched as an Ambassador and 3 Americans were gunned down by Muslim extremists. 

Our President should be the one guarding those ‘living’ American citizens.  He should be the leader that ensures our ultimate safety from forces outside our country.  He should be the man responsible for the protection of our sovereign soil.  Our president was presented with an opportunity to protect American life and he failed.  This was not a simple failure of policy or a failure at an attempted rescue; rather this was a failure of duty.  The inability to carry out the Duty he swore to uphold when he assumed office.  However, I am not holding him solely responsible.  There is another group of people that will have blood on their hands.  

As the facts present themselves and the inaction of this administration becomes clearer, those that continue to support this president are equally responsible for the deaths of the US citizens in Benghazi.  Did you pull trigger that killed these men?  No.  Did you watch the attacks on live video feed and do nothing?  No.  Did you instruct the administration to stand down and watch our heroes being slaughtered?  No.  As I see, voting to re-elect Obama tells the nation that his actions were the correct ones.  Voting for Obama tells the nation you agree that an American Ambassador and 3 other Americans are expendable when a political agenda is involved.  Voting for Obama tells the nation that you are okay with this happening again. I understand that some in this country believe that Keynesian Policy is good economically, that a large centralized government is beneficial and that massive social welfare system can help all; but I fail to understand anyone who supports a man that refuse to protect American life.

Watching the various Youtube videos of the men marching the 21 steps back and forth in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns, I find the actions of the president incomprehensible.  He was unwilling to even provide air support to Americans who were relaying the location of the enemy for targeting purposes.  Unlike the dedication of our men in uniform, including the men in Libya that decided to help knowing full well they may not survive; our current president has no allegiance to the country he leads.  Rather he is simply dedicated to his own political preservation.

So for Obama supporters the question this election cycle is clear.  Which side do you find yourself, the side of United States or the side of Barrack Obama? After the Libya attacks, those choices are no longer one in the same.

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Fred van der Wal November 01, 2012 at 04:09 PM
@Steve saying that "He's hiding behind a hurricane now" is a rather insensitive and foolish statement.I would think that a natural disaster here calls for his primary attention.Just because you and your participants are unhappy how Obama has dealt with the Benghazi affair.A Republican Governor in the state of New Jersey sure not complaining of the attention by the President.
Fred van der Wal November 01, 2012 at 04:23 PM
@ Ima Hippee: you can tell alter my name for personal humor or tell me top go back from where I came from just to enforce that you(r's) don't like what I post here.Fact is I can LEGAL to this country not climbed over a wall south of the border or came here in Florida while incorrectly charting out a fishing trip on a sad looking boat.I married a wonderful woman from American origin.And the privilege given by some great people from the past I use where many Europeans died in this country:Allow me to speak my mind,although not as eloquence as most here, where or not 200 years later people on Waukeha patch like it or not. @Craig:regardless if or what the President will release I doubt if your happy with the outcome.I'm sure it will not alter your opinion of him or chance or vote.


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