Burglars at Former VK Developer's Mansion Mistakenly Cut Gas Line

A natural gas leak alarm at an unfinished 24,000-square-foot Brookfield mansion formerly owned by prominent real estate developer Vincent Kuttemperoor revealed a botched burglary and theft.

Burglars cutting copper pipes and wiring from an unfinished 24,000-square-foot mansion mistakenly cut a natural gas line, likely aborting further theft, police said.

Authorities responded to a report of a gas leak about 9 a.m. July 20 at the home in the 19300 block of South Compton Lane.

Once planned to be the dream home of prominent real estate developer Vincent Kuttemperoor, it was sold after languishing unfinished to fellow Brookfield resident and gas station mogul Bachan Singh.

It has been the target of many thieves over the years.

In the latest attack, unknown burglars entered the vacant home through a window and used a hack saw to cut "a large amount of exposed copper tubing," police reports say. Also taken were five 1,000-foot rolls of copper wiring.

But the crime likely was cut short when a gas line was cut, expelling natural gas into the house.

The building was ventilated, and a neighbor told police that earlier this month he had called to report a suspicious person around the home.


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