iPad Sale in Mall Parking Lot Leads to Burglary Charge

More than four dozen gold and silver coins and an iPad were stolen when a Waukesha house was burglarized.

A 23-year-old man is facing charges alleging he burglarized an area home and sold some of the stolen items to another man in the parking lot of Brookfield Square Mall.

Gary J. Render, of Waukesha, was charged in on Wednesday with one count of burglary and one count of felony bail jumping. If convicted, he faces up to 18 ½ years in prison and $35,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On July 16, Waukesha police were called to the 300 block of Cambridge Avenue after a couple came home and found someone had broken into the home and stolen various items, including an iPad, 65 gold and silver coins, three rings and 29 blank checks.

On July 25, officers were contacted by another man who said he bought the stolen iPad from Render in the parking lot of Brookfield Square. He said Render was also trying to sell a digital camera, but the man didn’t buy it.

On Aug. 14, officers found Render walking near the Siena House with a woman.  When they asked him about the sale he said the other man was selling the iPad and he knew nothing about the burglary. However, the woman told police she was present at the transaction and Render sold the iPad.

The woman told police Render had a duffel bag full of coins and other items and when she asked him where they came from, Render told her he purchased the items from an intoxicated man in the park.

Render is currently being held in Waukesha County Jail on $2,500 bond. 


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