Man Accused of Tailing Ex into Brookfield, Forcing Her to Drive Around With Him

A Milwaukee man is accused of following his ex-girlfriend on her way to a Brookfield restaurant to meet her new boyfriend, then confronting her in the parking lot of a local bar.

A 28-year-old Milwaukee man is accused of following his ex-girlfriend into Town of Brookfield, then taking her cell phone and forcing her to drive around with him for 90 minutes talking about why their relationship failed.

Timothy D. Casalena was charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court Friday with one count of disorderly conduct domestic abuse. If convicted, he faces up to 90 days in jail and $1,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Thursday, the victim was driving from her parents home to meet her new boyfriend at a Brookfield restaurant, when she noticed Casalena was following her in his pickup truck.

She didn't want him to see her new boyfriend, so she pulled into Bullwinkle's Sports Bar, 20290 W. Bluemound Road, and confronted Casalena in the parking lot. The woman got upset with Casalena and then began to walk back to her car. He followed her and tried to garb her cell phone, but was unsuccessful. He pushed her, so she threw her phone into her open car door, but Casalena pushed her again and grabbed the phone and began to walk back to his truck.

The woman demanded her cell phone back, but Casalena said he would only give it to her if she got into his truck. She complied and he began to drive away with her in the passenger seat. When he reached an intersection the woman opened her door to get out, but Casalena said he wouldn't give the phone back unless she stayed inside.

She complied again he drove around for 90 minutes with the victim asking her why she didn't love him and why their relationship didn't work. After the drive, they went back to Bullwinkle's, where he gave her the phone back and he drove off.

The woman then contacted the Town of Brookfield Police Department. Casalena told officers the woman asked him to meet at Bullwinkle's because he was going to confront her new boyfriend. He said they talked about a lot of things but denied taking her cell phone.

He's currently free on a $750 signature bond while awaiting trial.


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