Police Report: Election Sign Disputes and Pellet Guns

Latest police calls include a string of incidents at businesses along Capitol Drive.

The state Supreme Court race is heating up in the final week before the April 5 election, and the city is getting pulled into election sign disputes.

City crews removed Prosser signs illegally posted in city right-of-way near North Avenue and Coach House Drive, after a resident complained Wednesday.

But when the resident pointed out another potential unauthorized Prosser sign installation at the northeast corner of North Avenue and Woodmoor, inspectors said it was not clear whether the sign was on city property or a residential yard, and would not remove that sign, according to police reports.

In other police calls from March 21 to 27, officers spent a lot of time at businesses along Capitol Drive, including the first seven items listed here:

Alcohol thefts: Liquor was flying off the shelves this week at , but it wasn't all being purchased. Managers called police about 3 p.m. Tuesday after a man concealed two liter-bottles of Jose Cuervo Tequilla and fled in the back seat of a car driven by a woman. The day before, managers said, a different man and woman each grabbed three bottles of assorted liquor and fled the store at 12735 W. Capitol Drive.

And on Wednesday at the , 17295 W. Capitol Drive, two teenage girls were cited for municipal theft after trying to steal alcohol about 5 p.m. One was 18 years old. The other was 16 and also cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Counterfeit $50: A clerk at , 18985 W. Capitol Drive, spotted a counterfeit $50 bill about 5 p.m. Thursday. The shopper — a 32-year-old woman — said she got the bill from her boyfriend, who got it from a bank at N. 76th Street and W. Good Hope Road. Police confiscated the bill and were investigating.

Tire thefts: About $3,000 worth of items were stolen off a 2011 GMC Sierra pickup truck sometime between March 19 and 21 at , 13000 W. Capitol Drive. The truck was lifted up on landscape brick and four Goodyear tires, aluminum rims, hub cabs and wheel sensors were removed.

No server, no alcohol: Officers conducting a routine license check of , 18905 W Capitol Drive, found no licensed alcohol server inside. Police stopped all alcohol sales until a licensed server arrived. 

Smashed entry into car: About 9 p.m. Tuesday a customer at , 13100 W. Capitol Drive, returned to his car to find the rear driver's side window smashed. The only thing stolen was is girlfriend's pink paisley bag containing clothes and makeup. Next door at , a car and a truck — both unlocked — were entered but nothing was taken. The pink paisley bag was found dumped under the truck, with nothing missing.

Gas drive-off: The , 3960 W. Capitol Drive, called police several times this week to report motorists had left without paying for gasoline. All but one said they thought their cards had been processed at the pumps and agreed to return to pay their bills. But employees thought the driver of a red Honda Civic intentionally left without paying a $40.95 bill. 

Dog-at-large ticket: A Canterbury Circle resident was given a municipal dog-at-large citation for repeatedly allowing his dog to run loose in the neighborhood. A neighbor complained the dog defecates in others' yards.

Cell phone thefts: An employee at Congregational Home, 13900 W. Burleigh Road, said his cell phone and key chain with car and house keys were stolen after 4 p.m. March 21. A student at said her iPhone was stolen at school Tuesday. Police followed the phone's GPS tracker to a Brookfield home but could not find the iPhone. And a female shopper said she lost her $200 Sprint smartphone in a dressing room at Brookfield Square mall Wednesday.

Harassment: Police warned two 17-year-old girls to stop sending harassing text messages to each other or they could face municipal citations for harassment. One girl contacted police to complain her best friend was sending an increasing number of sarcastic, threatening texts, ramping up messages that began in November. The girl said she was responding in kind, prompting the mutual warning.

Fake prescription: A woman tried to obtain a fraudulent prescription for promethezine with codeine that had been filled three times in the past 10 days. The customer drove off from the CVS Pharmacy, 17165 W. Blue Mound Road, before police arrived. An Illinois physician said the prescription had been stolen and the woman was not his patient.

Pawn attempt: A employee refused to buy stereo equipment he believed was stolen, and the seller left before police arrived. An investigation showed the man, 19, had tried to pawn music equipment that belonged to his two friends who declined to prosecute. The teen's probation agent was notified.

Vandalism: Police are trying to find who sprayed a dark rubber coating on a Ford pickup parked in a driveway in the 17500 block of Oak Park Row sometime Thursday night into Friday.

Downed tree blocks road: A city Highway Department front end loader was needed to remove a large downed tree that blocked the road at Bonnie and Hickory Hill lanes after 6 a.m. Wednesday. 

Pallets block road: A semi truck lost pallets of shingles and kept on driving, leaving a mess covering the southbound lanes of S. Moorland Road near Hackberry Lane at 10:20 a.m. Thursday. 

Car-deer: A deer and car collided near the commercial corridor of  W. North Ave. and N. 124th Street about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday. 

Identity theft: A 28-year-old New Mexico man called Brookfield police to report someone might have used his identity to become employed at a location in Tampa, Fla., and at the  Hotel & Convention Center in Brookfield. 

Employee theft: An employee, 28, at at Brookfield Square mall was issued a municipal retail theft citation after managers said she stole $410 worth of store merchandise over a three-week period. 

Marijuana at city park: A 17-year-old man was issued municipal citations for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after officers on foot patrol found him with the drugs about 9:30 p.m. Sunday in , 14125 Lilly Heights Drive.

Pellet guns: A homeowner said three male teens had run through her Memorial Drive backyard about 7 p.m. Friday and one shot out her garage window. The woman did not want to prosecute the 16-year-old neighborhood boy as long as he paid for her window. 

More juvenile problems: Within 45 minutes after school Thursday, an 11-year-old boy was warned twice by police, first about being a car speeding through a neighborhood and then for running through yards with realistic toy pistols.

First, a woman told police while she was walking her dog near Hamilton Drive and Misty Mountain Parkway a silver sports car with four males sped by, almost hitting her. She said it was an ongoing problem in the neighborhood. The car listed to the parents of an 11-year-old boy who 45 minutes later was with stopped with two men, 18 and 19, for running through yards with airsoft guns.


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