Slaughter a Turkey for Thanksgiving? Not in Bird City Brookfield

A Brookfield resident called police before killing the main course for his Thanksgiving meal.

Forget about frozen grocery store turkeys. A Brookfield man wanted to slaughter a live turkey for his family's Thanksgiving feast.

Before raising that butcher knife, he called police. 911, actually.

He wanted to ask if it was legal to kill a turkey in the city.

An officer told the 134th Street resident that "he should not slaughter the animal in the city limits."


"The City of Brookfield is a bird sanctuary," police reports said. It was designated as an official Bird City in January 2011.

The officer also warned the man against using the 911 emergency line for such a purpose.

Pam Poglitsch December 02, 2012 at 12:14 AM
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