Prison For Man Who Threatened to Blow Up River Park Apartments

Thomas Yela will spend more than a year in prison for making the threats to blow up apartment buildings and the Shorewood courthouse, plus a Milwaukee bridge.

The Milwaukee man who threatened to blow up the Shorewood Courthouse, a Shorewood apartment building and a bridge in Milwaukee will spend about 13 months in prison.

. According to online court records, his full sentence is 18 months in prison, plus two years extended supervision, but he will likely serve less time in prison, as he is being given credit for the roughly five months he has spent in jail since his arrest on these charges. He must also pay $3,674.75 to the River Park Apartments.

Yela's Aug. 27 threat prompted police to evacuate Village Hall and about 600 residents of the River Park Apartments in Shorewood.

Yela told someone on an intervention hotline that he strapped bombs to two River Park apartment buildings and planned to blow up the bridge and village courthouse. 

His name came up on the caller ID when he made the calls, and police spotted him sitting on his bicycle outside the scene at the River Park Apartments; he was arrested.




Alol February 02, 2013 at 05:04 AM
Nobody is talking about this, so why is it still on page 1 after being up for more than one day? People are still discussing more important issues contained in articles that are being swept under the rug on page 2. Why can't articles that are still generating comments stay on page 1 instead of making us dig through "other news" to catch up?
Adam W. McCoy February 05, 2013 at 11:37 PM
You make a very good point Alol. I will make an effort to keep stories generating comments on the front page until the discussion concludes.


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