Tased Twice, OWI Suspect Keeps Fighting Cop

After nearly hitting oncoming squad car, driver flees and tries to escape into apartment garage. But pursuing officer slips in behind, and then finds his hands full.

A suspected drunken driver nearly collided head-on with a Brookfield patrol officer, fled at high speed, managed to shut himself and the lone officer up in an apartment parking garage, and continued to fight back after he was shot twice with a Taser – all to avoid a first-offense drunken driving ticket.

According to the officer's report:

At 1:46 a.m. Feb. 16, the 43-year-old man, who was identified as being from West Allis but had access to a Brookfield apartment, was arrested for first-offense operating while intoxicated, failure to stop for a stop sign and resisting arrest.

The patrol officer was driving west on Blue Mound Road when an oncoming car swerved across the center line right in front of him. The officer had to hit his brakes and swerve to avoid hitting the man.

He turned around and gave chase, and saw the suspect cut off of Blue Mound in a sharp, high-speed turn onto a side street. He caught up to the suspect traveling at 50 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

When the officer tried to pull him over, the suspect accelerated to 60 mph and ran the stop sign at Ruf Road and Wisconsin Avenue. The officer followed him into an apartment complex parking lot, where the driver headed into the underground garage.

The officer followed him into garage just as the suspect tried to close the garage door behind himself.

With the suspect finally at bay, the officer ordered him to slowly get out of his car. The man refused. The officer opened the car door, identified himself as a police officer, and ordered the man to open the garage door. He had called for assistance from other officers, but they couldn't get in.

The suspect refused that order as well, and told the officer he was at his apartment now and the police could no longer do anything to him. Then he grabbed a bottle from the center console and and tried to take a drink from it.

When he refused the order to stop that, the officer pulled him out of the car. The man tried to throw the bottle at the lone officer, then began to wrestle him. When the officer took him to the ground, face down, he rolled back and forth on his arms so that he coudn't be handcuffed.

Having had about enough of this, the officer pulled out his Taser and fired. The jolt just seemed to make the man madder. The officer fired again. The suspect continued to struggle and resist, but finally the officer got the cuffs on him and then got to the button to open the garage door open and let other officers in.

Police called an ambulance to take the suspect to the hospital after his double-Tasing, as well as for a mandatory blood draw to determine his alcohol concentration.

TOM February 25, 2013 at 02:45 PM


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