Warm Weather Dooms Accused Drunk Driver

A man is caught allegedly driving drunk through Caledonia when a police officer hears tires squeal after he has his window down due to the warm weather.

A 38-year-old Racine man is accused of driving drunk then trying to flee a police officer to avoid arrest.

Eugene E. Bradle II was charged in Racine County Circuit Court Monday with one count of second offense operating while intoxicated, one count of operating a motor vehicle after revocation of his license, one count of possession of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. If convicted, he faces up to 25 months in prison and $5,100 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 3:43 a.m. Sunday, a Caledonia police officer was travelling northbound on North Green Bay Road near 3 Mile Road when he spotted two cars travelling southbound. The officer had his window down because of the warm weather when he heard tires screeching and an exhaust roar. Seeing a white pickup truck go through a controlled intersection and turn eastbound onto 3 Mile Road, the officer did a U-turn and went after the truck.

But even after reaching speeds of 80 to 85 miles per hour, the truck was still pulling away from the squad. The officer turned on his lights and continued to chase after the truck, which slowed for a red light at Highway 32 and turned southbound.

Eventually the truck came to a stop in the 3800 block of Douglas Avenue and Bradle opened the driver side door. An officer ordered him to show his hands because he was concerned Bradle would try to run on foot. Bradle told the officer “man, you got me. You got me. I am drunk and I have dope in my backpack.”

Bradle was ordered out of the truck, but then he became agitated after the officer wouldn’t let him smoke a cigarette. He was placed in the back of a squad car and when told he was being charged, he began to kick the back of the squad.

Bradle refused to consent to a blood test, so his blood was taken forcibly.

Bradle was previously convicted of OWI in 2010. He’s currently being held in Racine County Jail on $1,000 bond while awaiting trial. 

Avenging Angel December 04, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Anyone driving 80+ MPH on the strrets should be charged with reckless endangerment.
Rebel with a Cause December 04, 2012 at 04:29 PM
christine kiernan December 04, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Everyone makes mistakes. Let's hope he learns from it.
YAMATO December 04, 2012 at 06:56 PM
At least this guy was honest. Got to reward HONESTY.
Caledonia Retiree December 05, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Maybe next time he decides to drive drunk (and there WILL be a next time) he'll flash his headlights and honk his horn in addition to screeching his tires. It might warn poor victims to keep out of his way.


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