Greenhouses Get Green Light from Plan Commission

Restricting size while keeping the limit to the overall number of accessory buildings in any yard at two, the commission felt that greenhouses could 'stand alone'

Brookfield homes have always had the ability to "build on" a greenhouse, but Monday night the structure was given the OK to also roam the backyard on its own.

There are already accessory structures permitted in the city, including cabanas, yard maintenance buildings and gazebos, but greenhouses were never a part of that code. The maximum sizes for those buildings are 180 to 200 square feet, depending on the structure. 

Admittedly, planners say that greenhouses had previously been lumped in under yard maintenance buildings, but as only one per yard is allowed, they felt the need to differentiate the two. 

Alderman Mark Nelson expressed concern over how many outbuildings would be allowed, arguing that one of each building seemed a lot.

The commission agreed with Nelson, saying that having a greenhouse was good but compounding it with a gazebo, cabana or yard maintenance building may seem too cluttered. 

Ultimately, the commission agreed to set a limit of no more than two accessory buildings for a residential lot. Zoning and Building Administrator Larry Goudy felt that greenhouses should also be limited to 180 square feet, but any structures over 200 square feet should be considered as an addition to the home.


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