West Bend Teacher to Run Against Grothman for Senate Seat

Tanya Lohr, a teacher at West Bend High School who also helped lead the recall efforts against Sen. Glenn Grothman, will face off against him for the 20th District Seat.

Tanya Lohr, who has taught for 16 years at West Bend High School and is currently the chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County, has announced her candidacy for the 20th District Senate seat against incumbent Sen. Glenn Grothman.

Lohr is also a recent graduate of Emerge, a leadership training program for Democratic women interested in running for public office, according to a press release from the party. She is married to fellow teacher, Andy Kougl; their family also includes 6-year-old twins, as well as Kougl's two teenage daughters.

Lohr's candidacy comes on the heels of a — one that she was largely a part of organizing — as well as what has been coined a "war on women," as debates over contraception, equal pay and other issues have become highly politicized.

"I want to restore adequate funding for public education, respect for women, affordable family health care and strengthen our communities by empowering working people," said Lohr, who resides in the Town of West Bend. "The Republican agenda was imposed on Wisconsin working families and has polarized our state. It is time we corrected the imbalance."

Grothman was elected as senator in 2004, running unopposed, according to followthemoney.org. In 2008, he faced independent Clyde Winter, winning by a landslide with 80 percent of the vote. This means Lohr will be the first Democratic candidate he has faced since taking over the 20th District.

"I understand she's worked hard on campaigns in the past, I know she had a role in the recall … so  I anticipate this being a very difficult race," Grothman told Patch.

Grothman is facing re-election also smack dab in the middle of this "war on women," after spending weeks in the national spotlight because of his proposed Senate Bill 507, which considers .

Grothman proposed the bill in March, and you can read more about his stance in a newsletter he published regarding his belief that the breakdown of the family is America's biggest problem.

But Grothman sides with other Republican politicians, such as Sen. John McCain. R-Arizona, who called the war on women "imaginary," according to the Huffington Post.

"There is no war on women, and it shows the desperation of the Democratic candidates that they have to make something up rather than deal with the real issues," Grothman said.

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Made up or not, the idea that this attack on female rights may exist has some people wondering what influence that will have on the ballot list.

Columnists on The Washington Post wrote: "By our tally, 225 women ... have filed to run for the House of Representatives this election cycle, although 12 lost their primaries. Seventy more are considered candidates in states where filing is still ahead. That means we’re on track to beat the previous record of 262 female House candidates set in 2010."

Lohr was elected as the Washington County Democractic chair last fall. She is also the political action chair and a building representative for the West Bend Education Association.

Lohr is hoping the work she did to reach hundreds of volunteers during the recall efforts will be a boost for her campaign.

"We already have a committed volunteer corps who want to reverse the failed policies recently enacted by the GOP majorities and signed by Gov. Walker," Lohr said in a press release. 

Lohr was not immediately available for comment as she was preparing for a ceremony to announce her candidacy at the Democratic Party office in West Bend.

Nknzl September 26, 2012 at 04:28 PM
I had this horrid woman for a teacher when I was a freshman. She gave me and other students who weren't on sports teams a disadvantage. I Busted my butt in that class and failed and the following year when I had to retake it I passed with flying colors (as did the 6 other kids who had her the year before) I wouldn't vote for that nut case no matter what she stood for! I've had some really suck teachers in my life, but this woman was overwhelmingly worst teacher of my student career (preschool - collage grad)
Nknzl September 26, 2012 at 04:32 PM
I had her the first year she was at WBW...trust me she is a horrid teacher. Greg is 100% right, if you don't live your life the way she thinks you should, she gives you a hard time. 6 kids in my class as well as myself failed her class freshman year...all 7 of us the only ones in her class not on sports teams...all 7 of us passed the following year with different teachers.
morninmist September 26, 2012 at 04:55 PM
I had this wonderful intelligent woman for a teacher when I was a freshman. I was not in sports and did not notice any difference in how she treated kids who were not in sports. I worked hard in her class--excellence was expected and passed with flying colors. She encouraged all students to do their best and was one of the most influential teachers I ever had across my school years.
Nknzl September 26, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Funny...if I ever had a question about something in her class, she never seemed to have the time to help me. My freshman science teacher on the other hand was more than willing to stay after school to help me (I will admit it...I SUCK at science) He stayed after school day after day and took hours out of his time with his family to find a way that helped me understand the material in his class and I credit my passing earth science to him. If I didn't understand something in her class however, I was told to ask about it tomorrow or find someone else to help me, this was not a one time thing, this was EVERY time I asked for help so I would understand things better. My mother tried repeatedly to have a talk with her, and never once could she even be bothered to return a phone call to her. Yeah...she is a really great teacher.....
morninmist September 28, 2012 at 05:32 PM
ha ha State Sen. Glenn Grothman Endorses Eric Hovde in U.S. Senate Race


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