Michael Reagan Says 'Win One for the Gipper' in New Pro-Walker Ad

Tea party group's latest ad features son of Ronald Reagan comparing Gov. Scott Walker to conservative icon.

With a little more than a week to go until , a national tea party group on Monday released a TV ad in which the son of President Ronald Reagan invokes the memory of his father while giving his strong support to Gov. Scott Walker.

In the ad, paid for by the Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, Michael Reagan, a conservative commentator, compares Wisconsin's Republican governor to his father and even uses the phrase: "Win this one for the Gipper."

"We need leaders like Scott Walker," Reagan says in the ad. "He's a reminder of somebody named Reagan from a long time ago.

"Scott Walker, because of what he's doing, has turned a negative into a positive — bringing businesses back into Wisconsin (and) getting people back into Wisconsin," Regan adds. "Why in the world would the people in Wisconsin want to go back to those days of yesteryear — when the budget was out of control, jobs were not available — is beyond me."

The ad then includes some testimonials from Walker supporters from around Wisconsin and wraps up with Reagan saying: "Win this one for the Gipper," a line that Ronald Reagan used in the film "Knute Rockne: All American" and later throughout his presidency.

The ad is just the latest example of how national tea party organizations have been lining up to show their support of Walker, who is facing Democrat Tom Barrett in the June 5 recall election.

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama has been sending fundraising emails out all over the country, usually linking the Wisconsin recall election to Obama's re-election campaign.

And last week, the national , who is being challenged by Democrat Mahlon Mitchell in the recall election.

The Tea Party Express also will bring its "Reclaiming Our Future" bus tour to Wisconsin from Friday until Election Day. The tour in support of Walker, Kleefisch and the four Republican senators also being targeted for recall, will make stops as far north as Rhinelander and as far south as Racine.

In January, Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty and We The People of the Republic recruited nearly 10,000 volunteers to .

Patriot May 31, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Be sure to watch the debate tonight!! At 9 on channel 12 as Walker promises to be much more aggressive!! Should be good and hopefully he nails Barrett down on many of his bogun mud slinging attack ads!! Esp the ones saying how Act 10 devastated schools which Barrett was unable to answer similar when he was asked the day after the MPD memorial where he was the day before at noon and he could not recall!!!
Bren May 31, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Patriot, what the Colonials "stood up" to in 1776 (and several decades prior) is precisely what the radical right fringe want to regress us. Rigid authoritarianism. Women and nonwhites as chattel. Indentured servitude and slavery. Society has evolved since then and that's a good thing. Concerning "we have no freedoms," anarchy doesn't promote productive or long life. What those who have forgotten their U.S. history believe to be "Government telling us what's best" is actually democracy in action, involving legislative processes that has taken place over generations, in some cases. The former USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; China, the Third Reich; these represent socialism. If the U.S. is to avoid becoming socialist, it needs to send the Tea Party/GOP out of the mainstream and back to the far right fringe where it belongs.
Tosa720 June 01, 2012 at 01:18 AM
@Chad: No one misquoted you, Matter of fact I never even quoted you. I made an observation that conservatives on this forum sound angry, &I since you have everything wanted with a majority congress I asked why.. Generalities are being made about undeserving people being put on the "dole" by "libs" to get votes. I oversaw claims,& never once saw it..Pls cite your proof/ .Denials? I did many. Yes, some scammers, but blatant "moochers" had big houses, healthy businesses, etc, but didn't want to pay for medical procedures, dental work, etc. When those that have and can afford take advantage of loopholes, that is time to draw the line for sure.
Tosa720 June 01, 2012 at 01:24 AM
Now let's talk about career politicians collecting a fat lifelong income & medical benefits at our expense. Most - like Sensenbrenner / Brookfield-have done virtually nothing to improve our country or represent the people of their district , yet continue to get "fat &bloated" off their pay & bennies. They should be brought to task for mooching big time. A study of the welfare showed 2% of were to actually be non-eligible, committing fraud or somehow scamming the system. I would imagine it could be worse than that now, but it is wrong to put everyone receiving benefits of any sort into that category Those in need should not be lumped in with the true scammers. The biggest fraud happening today is tax fraud - and scamming via overuse of loopholes. This abuse far exceeds any amount of welfare abuse that is happening and is mostly done by those who are wealthy.. However, the GOP never talks about that - they just like to demonize the "lowly" welfare recipient - those folks who do not contribute to their campaign coffers.. When are the favors and loopholes and greed enough - what amount of money is enough money? Do they have to make it tougher on those in need in order to give more to those who are not in need & have more than enough? Perhaps they do in order to appease their contributors.. Code words:Divide & conquer-& guess what? It has worked.
Patriot June 01, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Gov Walker is smashing Mayor Barrett. Barrett still can not tell the people what his plan is for economic development!!! But rather just attack. Barrett hes a looser a 3peat looser


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