Neighborhood Meeting Planned on Proposed Mosque

Representatives of the city Community Development Department and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee West will meet with neighbors living within 300 feet of a proposed mosque.

Brookfield aldermen Tuesday night voted unanimously to schedule a public hearing on a proposed mosque, most likely at a Plan Commission meeting in May.

But first, representatives of the city Community Development Department and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee West will hold an informational meeting with neighbors — a practice that is becoming a routine part of city planning processes.

The city will invite all property owners within 300 feet of the proposed 12,950-square-foot mosque at 16650 and 16730 W. Pheasant Dr., which is just northeast of the Calhoun Road-North Avenue intersection. The largely vacant site formerly housed Sanders C & Sons Welding.

The Islamic Society of Milwaukee wants to build a mosque in Brookfield for its west suburban members, with hopes to eventually expand the facility to serve about 350 congregants.

That phase two expansion — which could add about 10,000 more square feet — would not come until Calhoun Road is widened from two to four lanes. And the widening is 10 to 15 years away, city engineering staff say.

However, the society says its west side members need a more permanent place to meet than the rooms at Waukesha and Elmbrook Memorial hospitals, where they have held prayer services for years.

The Brookfield land on which the mosque is proposed is zoned industrial, located between two railroad tracks, city Community Development Director Dan Ertl told aldermen Tuesday. Religious facilities are allowed in all city zoning districts, but only with a conditional-use permit.

"We're in step two of a five-step process," Ertl said.

The remaining three steps would be holding a neighborhood meeting, holding a public hearing before the Plan Commission, and — if the commission approved the plans, a vote by the Common Council on whether to approve the conditional-use permit.

A possible sixth step would be approving a development agreement that would include language about possible public road improvements required and funding sources.

Asked why the public hearing wouldn't be held until May, Ertl said the Plan Commission would be in flux in April with potential new appointees after the spring elections. He said there wasn't enough time to properly publicly notice a public hearing on the mosque in March.

Caryl Sewell February 22, 2012 at 03:20 PM
No-- just generous of them.
Born Free February 23, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Of course no one ever thought Muslim's would ever: - hikjack airliners for over the last 40 years - massacre 9 Jewish olympians in '72 (The Munich Massacre) - attempt to bomb numerous buildings through out the U.S. - carry out honor killings on their daughters here in the U.S. according to sharia law - murder Theo van Gogh - bomb the Trade Towers
LeaveItBe March 06, 2012 at 03:38 AM
@Born Free: Were not The Crusades about spreading Christianity and sanctioned by the Church? Your comments are inappropriate and are an example of why Brookfield maintains this elitist reputation. Get a grip, grow up and and accept everyone.
darlene klenz March 13, 2012 at 09:42 PM
I am not Roman Catholic, but I sure find it interesting that our government does not want to support any Catholic institution that is against contraceptives and abortions. Why is there an inability to see the prejudice in allowing them the freedom to practice their religion in their own institutions, but these same people want all kinds of freedom for a faith that has used religion to hide terrorists and spread hatred for the United States of America? Have your children served in Iraq or the Mideast. They think they are fighting for our freedom. Maybe in your tolerance, your may help to threaten it.
Sheryl Mamerow April 03, 2012 at 02:27 PM
People - this is not about slamming Islam or Catholicism, freedom of religion, etc - IT IS about making an imformed decision of whether we want to consequences of ANY development. The person/people behind the building of this mosque has RADICAL ties - has funneled money to Hamas, etc. Also - the intent is to place these "places of worship" in areas where there can eventually be demands for sharia law to be implemented and their numbers speak loudly. This is NOT out of bigotry, this IS out of understanding what the stated goals of those behind this mosque say and mean. Do your homework FIRST, and if you still feel that this is OK, then vote yes, if you are concerned about the very real RADICAL influence of those involved in placing this mosque in this location, vote NO.


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