Park Arthur Will Get $135K to Finish Ball Fields

The Muskego Athletic Association has penned its commitment to play at the new park, and is footing the bill for the three smaller baseball fields

Another big piece of the Park Arthur puzzle was put into place Monday night, as Parks Director Craig Anderson said he has received a letter of commitment from the Muskego Athletic Association to fund the construction of the three smaller baseball fields there.

The commitment includes $135,000 in funds, which will give teams registered through MAA the ability to play there on a priority basis. A larger, regulation-sized field is already well under way, with similar support for that field coming from the Warriors Youth Baseball league.

Other Park Arthur updates at Monday's Parks Board meeting include:

  • Approval for fundraising by the Warrior Youth Baseball league was given. The group will sell engraved bricks to help fund the facilities at the large baseball field, as well as a flagpole that will be proposed at a later date.
  • Lighting for the park was being bid on soon, according to Anderson. Lights will be a feature for the sledding hill, as well as large baseball field and parking.
  • Signage for the archery range will be installed this fall, as well as garbage cans throughout the park's usable areas.
  • The board declined to place a portable toilet in the park to accommodate users of the sledding hill, which will open this winter. The overriding opinion was that the toilets may too easily become the target of vandals, and as permanent toilets were planned for a pavilion to be built in 2013, the convenience could wait.
  • Fencing for the large baseball field is expected the first part of December, making the field 90 percent complete.
DJ November 14, 2012 at 04:47 PM
"...$135,000 worth of development in the park for baseball fields." What about everything else? Who do think is going to maintain these parks, not to mention do the scheduling, pay for utilities, security and also all the other amenities, such as the sledding hill, archery range, horse trail, parking lots, lights, soccer fields, etc? Exactly like I said. How about selling some of the other park land to pay for this park. There are way to many parks for this size of a community.
DJ November 14, 2012 at 04:53 PM
You are just as ignorant as Denise to think that this is the only cost to these fields much less the whole park. Like I said, the government just keeps taking and spending and just because you have an interest in these baseball fields it is okay. Everybody has their own little thing that they would like to have the government pay for and pretty soon that is how we end up like we are - the government trying to be all things to all people. Just recently the parks department cut back mowing the parks because of no money, where is the money coming to pay for the maintenance and everything else going into this park?
DJ November 14, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Big deal the "select teams" pay $135,000, mainly through advertising that the parks department could have sold to the local businesses themselves, to develop the fields and pays nothing for anything else. For this, they get first dibs on the field. Because there are so many select teams nobody else will be able to use them, but everyone else in the community will have to pay for everything else that that $135k does not cover. That $135k doesn't even cover all the capital costs of the field, much less everything else that goes into building the supporting infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.
DJ November 14, 2012 at 05:15 PM
To you people who think that you throw $135k at something must not own any property. That would be like building a house and then think you are done for life with supporting it. Good luck with that. Now that you build your house you need a driveway, landscape, lighting, maintenance, etc. - get the picture. Why do you think the lake park on Janesville was scraped, no one could come up with additional costs for the project and the cost to maintain it and the monies to cover them. Like I said, "The government at every level in this country has an insatiable appetite to control our land and our wallets."
Paul Peardon November 14, 2012 at 05:19 PM
DJ, I see a pattern with your comments on here. Step up, serve a post in this community. Offer solutions and ideas instead of only criticism on virtually every issue. It's pretty obvious to me that you have no children involved and so therefore I do not expect you to fully understand all of the concerns of those of us that do. You see I have made a decision to get involved and try to make a difference and I invite you to do the same. It's pretty easy to hide behind a keyboard and throw out scathing comments. If you would like to know where you can help in our community let me know and I'll hook you up.


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