Reminder: Bugline Trail Meeting on Thursday

Don't forget that the meeting regarding the paving and widening of the Bugline trail is on Thursday evening in Sussex. Waukesha County staff will be there to answer any questions.

Whether you like the idea of paving the Bugline trail or are , the time for area residents to voice their opinions and learn more about the project is upon us.

Waukesha County staffers and members of the design team for the paving project will be on hand during a public information open house from 5-7 p.m. May 10 at the  in Sussex. There will not be a formal presentation, but there will be people available to answer questions.

The Waukesha County Board of Supervisors  as part of the capital improvements plan for the county. Federal funding would cover $1.5 million in costs for the paving project, and $272,000 in state grants would cover another portion. The county’s share would be roughly $630,000.

The project would be completed in two phases. In 2013, the county would complete phase one of the project, which is the 3.6-mile trail section from highway 164 to Lake 5 Road. The remaining 8 miles would be paved in 2014.

This is in conjunction with the county's plan to after more than 28 years. County construction workers are currently repairing the bridge suspended over the railroad tracks near Quad/Graphics.

In January, Waukesha County Parks Manager Duane Grimm  that the  was set in stone. However, those that use the trail are divided on whether the plan is a good idea.

to "Save The Bugline, Don't Pave the Bugline!" by Menomonee Falls resident Joni Griffin. Her campaign, titled the Friends of the Bugline, is planning to petition Thursday's meeting to collect signatures, as well as a rally on the Bugline trail on Saturday at noon.



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