Sarbanes Visits With Odenton Seniors

The congressman stopped by the O'Malley Senior Activity Center during its vendor and flower sale.

Rep. John Sarbanes (D-3rd District) stopped by the O’Malley Senior Activity Center in Odenton Tuesday as part of an effort to recognize Older Americans Month.

Sarbanes, who is seeking re-election in November, chatted with seniors during the center’s vendor fair and flower sale, and stressed their importance as a voting demographic.

“They are a very active and engaged cohort,” Sarbanes said. “They pay a lot of attention to what’s happening out there and aren’t shy about expressing their views on things. It keeps you well-grounded to make sure you’re well-connected to the seniors in your district.”

Sarbanes said that he has made an effort to inform seniors about issues on Capitol Hill that affect them, including provisions in the new health care reform act, which he supported.

Sarbanes also spoke to Patch about other issues affecting the Odenton community, including the desire for road and infrastructure improvements. The congressman said he spoke recently with officials at Fort Meade, who are preparing for construction of intersection improvements near the base.

The federal government at Maryland Route 175 at Mapes Road and at Reece Road. There are still no funds, however, for the actual construction.

Sarbanes said there is some appetite on Capitol Hill for a major investment in the nation’s infrastructure, though he acknowledged that getting such a bill passed would be challenging, given the recent push for lower government spending. He said he supported President Obama’s call for a national infrastructure bank.  

“Americans lose billions of dollars because our investment in infrastructure isn’t where it should be,” he said. “It’s a sad case where people have been short-sighted about that investment.”


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