State Back in the Black, Communities Want Their Cut

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities sent a letter to Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday requesting a portion of the projected state budget surplus be returned to provide property tax relief.

Now that the state’s finances are projected to be back in the black under Gov. Scott Walker, organizations are lining up to receive their cut after sharing the sacrifice.

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities sent a letter to the governor Tuesday requesting a portion of the projected surplus be returned to provide property tax relief.

Municipalities took a $100 million hit in the current state budget to alleviate the state’s fiscal problems. However, the state announced that tax revenues are projected to come in $126.6 million higher than anticipated. The League of Municipalities contends the state’s recovery wouldn’t have occurred without investment in economic development and infrastructure at the local level.

“(Gov. Walker) recently said that the next state budget will focus on creating jobs and investing in infrastructure,” said League President Lee Meyerhofer. “Municipal officials share this goal, but to accomplish it the state must reinvest a portion of its revenue growth in cities and villages to spur further job creation and put Wisconsin on the road to permanent financial stability.”

The group is asking Walker to restore the $48 million portion slashed from the state’s shared revenue program. It would  like the cuts restored as communities move forward with 2013 budget preparations. The league crafted a resolution in 2011 urging the governor to restore the funds.

$$andSense September 29, 2012 at 04:14 AM
Doofa You are an urbanizer and developer by the acre or township that is destroying the fabric of our rural countryside for your selfish needs. No where do you note the agricultural or other rural use of the land other than to meet your antisocial needs to keep people away from you. Yep, a city and village moocher by admission. A 34 year old Gen Xer that got property form daddy or gandpa for nothing. Do you let people hunt or trap on your propery? I would guess not.
$$andSense September 29, 2012 at 04:16 AM
And can't answer an honest question with an honest answer.
James R Hoffa September 29, 2012 at 04:44 AM
@$$andNonsense - Hoffa's homestead is not familial and was not given to him by anyone! Hoffa purchased it himself with funds he earned, obviously a foreign concept to you. It's obvious that you have no respect for private property ownership rights, except of course when your neighbor's cat dare trespasses on your little slice of heaven! And even then, as opposed to dealing with the neighbors, you commit an act of barbarism by killing the innocent cat - great lesson for your kids! Is it honestly that hard to leave your trailer and knock on the door of your neighbor's trailer and deal with that situation like a man??? Or at least lodge a complaint with whatever trailer park you're currently parked at? Or were you too busy getting drunk and listening to old Skynyrd albums? Hoffa doesn't allow trapping or hunting on his land. Do you allow Jehovah's Witnesses into your trailer when they visit the trailer park?
$$andSense September 29, 2012 at 05:20 AM
“too busy getting drunk” Well said words from a probable AA like yourself (daddy too?). Glad you got “listening to old Skynyrd albums” How did you know I like them? Bless you! “Or at least lodge a complaint with whatever trailer park you're currently parked at?” No mortgage home owner of a beautiful suburban house. 80 acres of wonderful woodland in Shawano Co. w/o mortgage. You have debt I am sure? “Hoffa doesn't allow trapping or hunting on his land.” Fuzzy Lumpkins -“GET OFF MY PROPERTY” country urbanizer. Spoiler of the free and open country side. Cheapskate usurper of Villages and Cities. I like Jehovah’s Witnesses. I worked with one before you were born and found them not abrasive like you and they send a good message. Maybe you at 34 should listen and learn?
Craig September 29, 2012 at 06:21 AM
I got me a 21 HP tractor to cut my 1/4 acre lot and blow the snow in front of my 1960's ranch home. I got a trailer up nort der hey on da lake too. But hey, I don't pass judgement on anyone- unless they got less teef than I do.


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