This is ONLY a Test: Sirens to Sound on Friday

Don't call police, as it won't be a February tornado that sets off the emergency sirens in Brookfield on Friday at noon.

While there will be a few people who won't read this in the city of Brookfield, we are hoping to save the police department a few phone calls by issuing the following notice:

The City of Brookfield is planning a test of its upgraded emergency warning
siren system on Friday, Feb. 8 at 12 noon, weather conditions permitting.

The upgraded siren system includes the change in radio frequency used to
communicate between siren locations as mandated by the Federal
Communications Commission, along with a new siren near the intersection of
Brookfield Road and Capitol Drive that improves the warning coverage area
in the northwest side of the City.

As they say in the broadcast world, this is only a test.


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