How Brookfield Voted: Thompson Won Narrowly Over Hovde; Novack for Clerk

With 35 percent voter turnout in Brookfield, Patch has the results of how Brookfield residents voted for the U.S. Senate, 13th State Assembly District, Waukesha County Clerk and Waukesha County Register of Deeds.

With voter turnout at 35 percent, Brookfield residents choose former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy G. Thompson, slightly over newcomer Eric Hovde, 30 percent to 27 percent.

Statewide, Thompson won the hotly contested Republican primary for the shot to compete for Democratic U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl's seat in Washington. He will compete with Democratic U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin for a crucial Senate seat that could swing the balance of control in Washington D.C.

In addition to Thompson and Hovde, a hedge fund manager and businessman, voters weighed whether to pick state Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald or former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann.

With all wards counted, Brookfield residents made these votes:

3,433 votes: Thompson
3,133 votes: Hovde
1,620 votes: Fitzgerald
1,150 votes: Neumann

Brookfield City Clerk Kelly Michaels said there were no major problems with voting Tuesday. The city's 35 percent turnout was higher than the predicted statewide turnout of 20 percent or less.

"We were a little busier than the state predicted but it overall went well," Michaels said.

In neighboring Elm Grove, a machine jammed forcing some hand-counting until the machine was fixed.

In other contested races on Brookfield's ballot:

13th State Assembly District

Republican Brookfield businessman Rob Hutton won easily, garnering 58% of the vote over Waukesha County Supervisor Thomas Schellinger and former Gov. Scott Walker assistant legal counsel Nate Ristow (). 

Hutton will face Wauwatosa , an account manager for City Press Inc., in November. Brookfield-only results were:

1,660: Hutton
   767: Schellinger
   238: Ristow

Waukesha County Clerk

City of Pewaukee alderwoman Kathleen Novack won the GOP primary () with 35.9 percent of the vote. Novack will take on in November.

Novack edged Town of Mukwonago Clerk/Administrator Kathleen Karalewitz who finished with 33.5 percent. City of Waukesha Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Gina Kozlik earned 30.3 percent of vote. Brookfield-only results were:

2,581: Novack
2,135: Kozlik
1,628: Karalewitz

Waukesha County Register of Deeds

Incumbent Jim Behrend finished first with 41.5 percent of vote, followed by Michael Starich with 32.3 percent and Barbara Larson-Lloyd, 25.8 percent. Because Behrend does not face a Democratic challenger, he essentially was re-elected to his position. Brookfield-only results were:

2,231: Michael Starich
2,093: Jim Behrend
1,583: Barbara Larson-Lloyd 


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