Yo Mama's Outdoor Patio Wins Backing, Store Opening Next Week

The city Plan Commission endorsed Yo Mama!'s plans to convert a drive-thru lane into an outdoor seating area for about 30 patrons.

Just in time for its planned April 5 opening, Yo Mama! frozen yogurt & goodies got the green light last night to build an outdoor patio outside its shop at Brookfield's Ruby Isle shopping center.

The city Plan Commission Monday night endorsed an amendment to the center's development agreement to allow for Yo Mama! to remodel the existing drive-thru space (formerly from ) into an outdoor seating area. 

Aldermen will vote on the request at Tuesday's Common Council meeting.

Yo Mama!'s original patio plan included a fireplace, but the owners are considering a water feature instead. The patio will have cement block garden walls with built-in benches and seating for approximately 30 people.

If the patio is not built, the drive-thru will become parking space.

Ald. Gary Mahkorn said Brookfield is adapting to good ideas as they arrive.

“Why would we return (the driveway) to its original condition when we can move it forward with new ideas,” Mahkorn said.

Commissioners said loud outdoor music should not be a problem, either.
The music will be limited to 35 decibels, which is barely audible in busy areas such as Ruby Isle, commissioners said. Brookfield’s outdoor music cutoff is 10 p.m.

Ald. Scott Berg said he visited Yo Mama!’s Wauwatosa site twice in the last few months, and called the popular business an example of “3rd places.” Berg said the first place for people is their home; the second is their work. Their third place is an alternative place to spend time and enjoy their community.

He said Yo Mama! fits that number three position.

Berg said he enjoyed visiting the Wauwatosa location and his favorite frozen yogurt creation was chocolate with M&M’s.

Yo Mama!'s restoration will be inviting and keep Brookfield interesting, commissioners said.

Owners Scott and Becky Berger, who live in Brookfield with their four children, have found a healthy local appetite for their self-serve frozen yogurt and toppings business.

The Bergers opened in the Tosa Village last June, creating a buzz and long summer lines. It remains a popular place for kids of all ages.

The Brookfield location will be at 2205 N. Calhoun Rd. and feature unique signage and oversized artwork, such as large froyo cups, designed by Mindspike Design and made by AmeriSign & Graphics in Pewaukee. Here is Yo Mama!'s Facebook page and Twitter page.


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