Elmbrook Earns High Marks on School Report Cards

All 10 of the district's schools exceeded the state's expectations in the first-ever round of school report cards issued by the Department of Public Instruction Monday morning.

The Elmbrook School District received high marks in a series of school report cards released Monday by the Department of Public Instruction. 

The report cards were issued to all Wisconsin public schools for the first time Monday as one component of the state's school accountability system aimed at raising academic expectations. The accountability system allowed Wisconsin to earn a waiver from meeting certain 2014 requirements of No Child Left Behind.

Schools received scores using a 0 to 100 scale, corresponding with five categories starting at "fails to meet expectations" and topping out with "significantly exceeds expectations."

Elmbrook Superintendent Mark Hansen was pleased to see that all 10 of the schools in the Elmbrook School District ranked either as "significantly exceeds expectations" or "exceeds expectations."

"The school report cards confirm that Elmbrook has consistently high-performing schools throughout our district with every school achieving an ‘exceeds expectations’ rating or above," he said. "We can also celebrate that our math achievement is at, or near, the top of the achievement scale in all schools.

“Our strong school improvement planning process had already identified gaps highlighted on the school report cards, and our schools are implementing action plans to close those gaps. We look forward to benchmarking our progress through the annual school report card process.”

Elmbrook Schools Report Cards


Accountability Index

Accountability Rating

Brookfield Central HS


Exceeds Expectations

Brookfield East HS


Exceeds Expectations

Pilgrim Park Middle


Exceeds Expectations

Wisconsin Hills Middle


Exceeds Expectations

Brookfield Elementary


Exceeds Expectations

Burleigh Elementary


Exceeds Expectations

Dixon Elementary


Exceeds Expectations

Hillside Elementary


Significantly Exceeds Expectations

Swanson Elementary


Exceeds Expectations

Tonawanda Elementary


Exceeds Expectations

The report cards are based on four criteria:

  • Student achievement in reading and mathematics on state assessments.
  • Student growth measured by year-to-year improvements in achievement.
  • Closing gaps in performance between specific student groups.
  • Progress to graduation/post secondary readiness using reliable predictors of high school graduation and post-secondary success.

In a news release, state Superintendent Tony Evers said the preliminary school report cards are "a starting point" and will change over time.

tkroe October 22, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Too bad one of the best schools had to close:(
Nils Anderson November 16, 2012 at 10:00 PM
“State Report Cards Reflect Elmbrook's High Performing Schools” Highest Scoring School in district is closed by school board. It took some really intelligent people a lot of hard work and determination to close the highest scoring school in the district... Bravo Dr. Matt Gibson and Co... And yes note to new superintendent Mark Hansen, please take this into account when faced with consideration of the boards manifest to do away with the neighborhood schools system and close no more. Or at least show more intelligence or less bias than your predecessor and current board members… and close the lowest scoring ones…. Thank you Glen, for being a light of progressive thought and reason in a black hole of flawed logic and excuses.


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