Elmbrook Hiring New Teachers

The Elmbrook School Board will vote Tuesday on approving new hires at district schools.

The Elmbrook School Board will vote Tuesday on hiring 19 new teachers for the fall semester. The new hires come on top of others approved at recent board meetings.

An unprecedented number of Elmbrook teachers retired last month, many choosing retirement amid uncertainty about collective bargaining and increased pension and health costs. Some had already planned to retire before the state political battles erupted.

Here is a . Elmbrook held a in June to honor them. 

Below is a list of the new hires for the 2011-12 school year:

Brookfield Elementary

  • Holly Zahn – Elementary Teacher. Zahn replaces Patricia Czubkowski who retired.

Burleigh Elementary

  • Karissa Leaman – 2nd Grade
  • Brittney Losee – 4th grade teacher. Losee replaces Laura Deimel who resigned at the end of the year.
  • Julie Miller – Special Education. (0.5 FTE)
  • Shelby Regner – Elementary Teacher. Regner replaces Kelty Scoby who is taking a one year leave of absence.
  • Anne Spencer – Speech Pathologist. Spencer replaces Annette Williams who retired.

Dixon Elementary

  • Kristina Carr – 4th grade. Carr replaces Paula Matthews who retired.
  • Erica Craig – Special Education. Craig will replace Brook Ruhnau who transferred to Fairview South.

Hillside Elementary

  • Michele Defnet – Elementary Teacher. Defnet will replace Sharon Power who retired.

Swanson Elementary

  • none listed

Tonawanda Elementary

  • Amanda Filkins – Orchestra (0.3 FTE)
  • Sarah Janowski – Art (0.42 FTE)
  • Heather Kollmansberger – Elementary Teacher. Kollmansberger replaces Karen Hughes who retired.

Pilgrim Park Middle

  • Leia Blazek – Family & Consumer Education. Leia replaces Michele Schiferl who resigned.
  • Steve Langenecker – Art (0.52 FTE)

Wisconsin Hills Middle

  • Leia Blazek – Family & Consumer Education. Leia replaces Michele Schiferl who resigned.
  • Stacy Corso – Special Education. Corso replaces Stephanie Cieciwa who will be working part time at Wisconsin Hills.
  • Andrea Fischer – 7th grade. Fischer replaces Debbie Boebel who will be on leave of absence next year.
  • Michelle Simons – Read 180 and Academic Support (0.70 FTE)
  • Erica Wilkinson – Choral Teacher (0.75 FTE). Wilkinson replaces Kari Doepke who will be transferring to the high school.

Brookfield Central High

  • Michael Broetzmann – Applied Technology. Broetzmann replaces Frank Palm who retired.
  • Andrew Jenson – Special Education. Jenson replaces Holly Eastman who transferred to Dixon Elementary.
  • Steve Langenecker – Art (0.52 FTE)
  • Nicole Liebetrau – Special Education. Liebetrau replaces Judy Mullin who retired.
  • Peter Mejac – Spanish
  • Eric Pendowski – Academic Resource Teacher. Pendowski replaces Nita Hodgson who retired.
  • Katrina Reeve – Math. Reeves replaces Anne DeChamps who resigned from the district.
  • Suzanne Riesen – Math (0.33 FTE) 

Brookfield East High

  • Michelle Carter – Business Education (0.42 FTE)
  • Joshua Konegni – English/Drama. Konegni replaces Linda Aeppler who retired.
  • Peter Mejac – Spanish
  • Patricia Ryan – Special Education
  • Corey Schneidewent – English (0.67 FTE)
  • Tanner Teipel – Art Teacher (0.92 FTE). Teipel replaces Kelly Dvorak.

Fairview South

  • Kim Bruessel – Special Ed. Teacher. Bruessel replaces Marsha Moulton who retired.
  • Sarah Pauly – Special Education. Pauly replaces Amy Andersen with will be out on leave.
  • Cortney Youngblood – Special Ed. Teacher. Youngblood replaces Linda Trepczyk who retired.
  • Kimberly Zahn – Special Ed. Teacher. Zahn replaces Margene Musil who retired.

Waukesha County Special Ed. Consortium (WCSEC)

  • Jennifer Meyer – Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Meyer replaces Andrea Johnson who will be on leave of absence next year.


  • Bethany Collins – Speech Pathologist. Collins will replace Kathy Schneider who retired.
  • Emily Wehner – Speech Pathologist. Wehner replaces Molly Kurian who retired.


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