Nearly 60 Retire From Elmbrook School District

Elmbrook is seeing quadruple the number of retirements this year, including many veteran teachers.

Nearly 60 teachers and support staff are retiring from Elmbrook,.

Elmbrook Schools released the list below of all the departing teachers and their years of service, for some exceeding 25 years.

Superintendent Matt Gibson praised them for their work and said they will be remembered for years to come.

“This unprecedented number of retiring staff have devoted their professional lives to our mission, to educate and inspire every student to think, to learn, and to succeed,” Superintendent Matt Gibson said.

“Their legacies will live on within the hearts of their students and the expectations for their successors,” he said.

The employees listed below will be recognized at a district event this month. 


Administrator Retiree

Anne Kreul, Principal, Swanson Elementary (1994-2011)


Teacher Retirees

Mark Adams, Physical Education, Brookfield Central High School (1975-2011)

Joann Adkinson, 6th Grade, Wisconsin Hills Middle School (1979-2011)

Linda Aeppler, Drama/Speech, Brookfield East High School (1976-2011)

Janis Becker, Special Education, Brookfield East High School (1976-2011)

Mary Bigus, Music, Brookfield East High School (1990-2011)

Patricia Czubkowski, 5th Grade, Brookfield Elementary (1972-2011)

Jacquelyn Dove, French, Wisconsin Hills/Pilgrim Park Middle School (1974-2011)

Elizabeth Eaton, Early Childhood, Burleigh Elementary (1974-2011)

Laura Eichholz, 7th Grade, Wisconsin Hills Middle School (1989-2011)

Christine Elliott, Special Education, Burleigh Elementary (1978-2011)

Carol Engel, 6th Grade, Wisconsin Hills Middle School (1992-2011)

Sheila Fabiszak, Special Education, Dixon Elementary (1978-2011)

Janelle Geyser, 6th Grade, Wisconsin Hills Middle School (1986-2011)

Cynthia Graettinger, 3rd Grade, Swanson Elementary (1975-2011)

Debra Gressen, Physical Education, Tonawanda Elementary (1979-2011)

Nita Hodgson, Reading, Brookfield Central High School (1990-2011)

Karen Hughes, Kindergarten, Tonawanda Elementary (1994-2011)

Mary Inglish, Special Education, Tonawanda Elementary (1975-2011)

Peter Kacala, Social Studies, Brookfield Central High School (1985-2011)

Cynthia Kacala, 1st Grade, Dixon Elementary (1988-2011)

Lori Krueger, 2nd Grade, Burleigh Elementary (1986-2011)

Molly Kurian, Speech Pathologist, Burleigh Elementary (1985-2011)

Cheryl Lavendar, Music, Swanson Elementary (1986-2011)

Janet Lorenz, Special Education, Central Administrative Office (1985-2011)

Lynn Lorenz, 5th Grade, Dixon Elementary (1995-2011)

Martha Martin, English, Brookfield Central High School (1990-2011)

Paula Matthews, 5th Grade, Dixon Elementary (1977-2011)

Marsha Moulton, Special Education, Fairview South (1994-2011)

Judith Mullin, Special Education, Brookfield Central High School (1990-2011)

Margene Musil, Special Education, Fairview South (1974-2011)

Bette Naughton, Art, Tonawanda Elementary (1990-2011)

Kathleen Nielsen, 2nd Grade, Burleigh Elementary (1992-2011)

Regina O’Dell, 2nd Grade, Burleigh Elementary (1990-2011)

Susan O’Neill, 8th Grade, Wisconsin Hills Middle School (1990-2011)

Frank Palm, Ap. Tech Ed, Brookfield Central High School (1977-2011)

Anne Marie Peterson, Music, Brookfield East High School (1986-2011)

Linda Polulach, IRT, Swanson Elementary (1969-2011)

Sharon Power, 2nd Grade, Hillside Elementary (1969-2011)

Alice Rast, English, Brookfield Central High School (1989-2011)

Paulette Romano, 6th Grade, Pilgrim Park Middle School (1996-2011)

Kerry Saver, Special Education, Swanson Elementary (1984-2011)

Debra Schmeige, Teacher, Tonawanda Elementary (1991-2011)

Kathy Schneider, Speech Pathologist, Burleigh Elementary (1982-2011)

Jeff Stark, Spanish, Pilgrim Park Middle School (1974-2011)

Gaylen Stoa, Special Education, Pilgrim Park Middle School (1973-2011)

Susan Thaney, 1st Grade, Swanson Elementary (1970-2011)

Linda Trepczyk, Special Education, Fairview South (1977-2011)

Margaret Vogt, Kindergarten, Brookfield Elementary (1990-2011)

Jolean Wegner, Academic Support, Brookfield East High School (1988-2011)

Maxine Weisz, Library, Pilgrim Park Middle School (1987-2011)

Annette Williams, Speech Pathologist, Burleigh Elementary (1985-2011)

Anna Zimmerman, Science, Brookfield Central High School (1993-2011)


Support Staff Retirees

Renee Frazier, Special Education Assistant, Burleigh/Brookfield Elementary (1989-2011)

Diana Krug, Health Room Assistant, Hillside Elementary (1993-2011)

Evelyn Newkirk, Assistant Kitchen Manager, Pilgrim Park Middle School (1994-2011)

Linda Pomraning, Special Education Assistant, Burleigh Elementary (1986-2011)

Jane Skrzypek, Principal Secretary, Burleigh Elementary (1989-2011)


Kay June 03, 2011 at 03:47 AM
What an impressive list of wonderful educators. Thank you so much for your legacy and for all of the things you have done for the kids in Elmbrook. You will truly be missed. Terry, what an awful comment!
Mark S June 03, 2011 at 12:49 PM
It's for the kids Terry. They are retiring for the kids......
Michelle October 26, 2012 at 11:03 AM
Thanks for the hard work, I remember Mr. Palm keeping order between classes. He was an imposing figure. I wonder if the benefit cuts are going to sway young people from entering the profession?


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