Voting Concerns Arise at Carroll University Polling Place

University is worried about poll workers using housing list to verify residency.

Concerns about proof of residency for Carroll University students started off the day at St. Mary’s Church in Waukesha for Wards 18 and 19.

A representative from Student Services at Carroll came to the polling place to inform election workers about a concern that the university has about housing lists being used to check student residency.

They have had no complaints about students being turned away, said Angela Meldonian, Student Services representative.

However, the university is concerned about the housing list being used because it lists students' actual home addresses. Because some of the addresses are from outside of Waukesha, and even out of state, there is a concern that poll workers won't allow those students to vote.

“I just want to make sure our students can vote,” said Meldonian.

In addition, allowing poll workers to view the list could be in violation of federal privacy laws, she said.

She said she emailed Waukesha City Clerk-Treasurer Tom Neill and Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus about the university’s concern last week. Nickolaus referred her to Neill, who hasn’t responded to her email, she said.

The university is recommending that students use their student IDs and tuition forms as proof of residency.

However, Chief Election Inspector Brien Lee said poll will continue to use the housing list to verify residency. "It’s absolutely too late to let us know now," he said.

Carroll University freshman CeCi Scheuber, voting in her second election but first at this location, said registering was “a little sketchy” because the form the school recommended she use didn’t have the actual address on campus on it. After poll workers checked with an official, Scheuber was able to register and vote.

At the Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ, the other polling place for Carroll students, there didn't seem to be much of an issue.

While the housing list is at that polling place, students also will be allowed to vote if they show only their IDs cards and tuition forms.

"Students should have no problems voting," Chief Election Inspector Ramona Morehouse said.

Morehouse said there was one student Tuesday morning who wasn't on the housing list, but did have a tuition form and ID, and was allowed to vote.

Mike Talin November 06, 2012 at 04:49 PM
I voted at St. Mary's today and there was a Carroll College van with students in it, trying to vote. No registrations or anything. Some had no ID at all and they wanted to register. I am sure it is the Blue party way of stuffing the ballot box.
Jorge Arreola-Munoz November 06, 2012 at 05:27 PM
They're not "stuffing the box," they're college students exercising their right to vote. Get off your high horse.
Mainstreet TheShaw November 06, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Jorge that was a very mean spirited comment. The is the USA. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO QUESTION. Now, Fidel is not as nice. So, where would you prefer to live? The first post has a legitimate comment. It is clear the left will do anything to enable them to continue getting fed, housed, clothed and free medical care and I have to pay for that? No way. I for one applaud his comment. So, maybe you should get down off your horse my friend.
St. Swithin November 06, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Maybe they wanted to vote Republican? It is very telling that Republicans just assume they have lost the youth vote and want to suppress it.


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