Tonawanda Elementary School Celebrates 100 Days of School [PHOTOS]

Penny drive raises nearly $2,000 for families in need.

Editor's Note: The following column was provided to Brookfield Patch via Tonawanda Elementary School Principal Alix Kasmarick.

Happy Day 100!  This Wednesday, we celebrated the one hundredth day of school in many mathematical ways!  Kindergarten mathematicians created “one hundred things” vests and “built” the number 100 in a variety of ways throughout the day.  We kicked off the day with a grand parade, led by Zero the Hero, singing all the way (to the tune of It’s a Small World):

We have studied hard and we’ve made new friends

We’ve got much to do ‘till the school year ends

We can read, write, and spell, and do math very well

It’s the hundredth day of school

It’s the hundredth day of school, it’s the hundredth day of school

It’s the hundredth day of school, it’s the hundredth day!!

Joining our parade was Mr. Tom Griffey, Director of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.  Tonawanda students raised $1,950.11 in the penny drive – an awesome contribution to families in need!!  Mr. Griffey carried the large check to show his gratitude on behalf of the Mission and those they serve.  What a wonderful day!


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