Brookfield East Takes Down Wauwatosa East, 29-0

Spartans play tough football on both sides to remain undefeated.

In it's simplest form, football is an easy game to understand.

Two 11-man teams line up and hit each other. Whichever team pushes to other one backward has the advantage. On Friday night, was able to push Wauwatosa East backward, and that's why they won

Brookfield East played a solid, physical football game and came out on top against Wauwatosa East, 29-0. With the win, their record now stands at 5-0, while Wauwatosa East falls to 1-4.

For the Red Raiders, Friday's game was just another tough loss in what is turning into a difficult season and their offense continued to struggle. Wauwatosa East receivers also had several key drops. This could be attributed to the temperature but head coach Jake Wolter says there's another reason.

“I just think some of these guys haven't been running routes much this year. We got some openings and we took advantage of it, but we just didn't come through with it," Wolter said.

On top of the other issues, the Red Raiders were without starting quarterback junior Kyle Vnuk. Vnuk broke his finger on the first play of the game last week and played that entire game with that broken finger. Sophomore Christian Tolbert took the reigns Friday and played very well despite being constantly pressured by the pass rush of Brookfield East.

For Brookfield East, it was a dominating performance, and the stars for the Spartans really shined. Junior defensive end and running back Alec James had a sack, a touchdown run, and a touchdown catch.

Junior running back Zach Schober had yet another great game, finishing with  30 carries for 144 yards.The wear and tear got to him a little bit in the fourth quarter, but after the game he was more interested in talking about how well the defense played.

“The defense played lights out tonight and had another shutout for us” said Schober. “On both sides of the ball, we were really clicking.”

After the Red Raiders were forced to punt, the Spartans took the ball and marched down the field on a steady 10-play, 67-yard drive that resulted in a Schober 3-yard touchdown run.

Late in the first quarter the Red Raiders were backed up to their own 6-yard line. Their caused was not helped when Tolbert was sacked for a 5-yard loss on first down. After two unsuccessful pas attempts, the Red Raiders lined up in punt formation but elected to just run the ball out of the back of the end zone  and take the safety.

The scoring went quiet for most of the second quarter and with less than three minutes to go, the Spartans got the ball on their own 27 and were intent to just hold the ball for the rest of the half. They changed their minds after Kyle Wirtz took off on a 43-yard run and on the next play, junior quarterback Bryce Pompos found Alec James through the air for a 18-yard touchdown to make the score 22-0 at the half.

The Spartans found the end zone one more time in the second half when Schober ran it in from 2 yards out to make the score 29-0.


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