Messwood's New Football Logo Celebrates WIAA Playoff Spot

After school officials removed the existing logo because it contained a religious symbol, the Messmer/Shorewood co-op football team will wear new decals during Friday night's game.

Messmer/Shorewood football coach Drake Zortman said new helmet decals to be debuted Friday night will celebrate the success the co-op football team has realized this season.

"A 6-1 record currently, and locking up a playoff berth," Zortman said, detailing the successes.

Shorewood district officials removed the student-designed logo that was used this year — a greyhound and a bishop’s hat with a religious cross, which represent both schools — after a parent emailed the district and expressed concern over its religious symbolism.

On Wednesday afternoon during a press conference, Zortman unveiled the team's new logo: a football with the words "2012 Playoffs" on it. 

"I think we're going to be the only school celebrating on their helmets the fact that we are in the playoffs," Principal Matt Joynt said.

Zortman said the freshman and varsity team will practice Wednesday and Thursday with the current logos still on the helmets, and wear the new decals on Friday. Messwood takes on Living Word Lutheran in its final regular season game Friday night.

Messwood tight end Jonathan Carson said the logo depicts how successful the team has been this season, how hard work has paid off and how the team expects to respond in the coming weeks.

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Running back Alec Grimmer said, "Sure we lost a little bit of personality but it's about this season now ... we're going to the playoffs and that is what we are focused on."

Messmer, a private, Roman Catholic high school, and Shorewood High School, a publicly funded school, formed a football co-op in 2000.

Zortman said the team celebrates and embraces its diversity.

"Every day these guys on our football team deal with diversity and we celebrate it and we are one unit always striving for a common goal," he said.

After reaching the postseason for the first time last year, the team looked to start the 2012 season with a new logo.

Students in a graphic design class designed the current logo last year. The class submitted over 20 logo proofs to Zortman, who vetted them through the administration at both schools before the final logo was selected.

Next year

Zortman said next year officials hope to get Messmer and Shorewood High School graphic art students together on a new logo.

However, Messmer President Br. Bob Smith said he hopes a new logo would include some symbol of God, but he's not going to put up a fight if students and officials aren't able to find a way.

"Part of the co-op was knowing we were co-oping with a public school, which has its own guidelines," he said. "There are things we do at Messmer schools that other schools don't do. And, we don't say, you've got to do that or you should do that.

"You won't see me on the battle line trying to change something that institutionally is probably not going to change," he said.

Jim Genthe October 12, 2012 at 04:31 PM
George Mitchell-8:07 am-What a joke. As already noted, Messmer likely is providing financial support for the team. How troubling that must be for the many special people who occupy Shorewood. Sunrocket-8:18 am-The perpetually offended are exhausting. Jenny Heyden-8:56 am-Hi - I'm sure I'll draw fire with this one, and I must add that the logo does not need to be removed, just the cross. And, just to clarify a little - I was at the school board meeting. There were many students and parents there, there was unanimity amongst the board, and there was a bit of surprise that no one had previously noted, or noticed, the cross. Messmer and Shorewood administrations have already come to a very calm agreement that they're surprised too, and will rework the design so it does not feature a religious symbol on a public school helmet, paid for jointly by both schools. Graphics design team at Shorewood will learn from this, learning about church/state legalities, and that public money is not to be used for religious iconography, period. CowDung- 9:15 am-If it is paid for jointly, why is it considered to be a 'public school' helmet?
Jim Genthe October 12, 2012 at 04:32 PM
...and..here it comes...
Jim Genthe October 12, 2012 at 04:33 PM
N. Peske-9:37 am Thanks for filling in some details, Jenny. Some people--usually anonymous--just have a need to spew hatred and venom whenever and wherever possible (even on posts about Trick or Treat dates and an alumni salute at Culvers). They are completely out of synch with how I've seen people in Shorewood resolve issues. It's sad that a few people can so distort what this Village is all about with their bile. You do have to wonder "What IS that about for them?" It's always good to be reminded that actual people, showing up to actual meeting, thoughtfully enter into collaborative problem solving without histrionics or hatred. That's the REAL Shorewood and it's what I love about this Village.
Bay Bill October 14, 2012 at 07:32 PM
They moved to a new team make-up, and a new conference - that's how they got "good." Messmer/Shorewood student population 1300+. All of the other schools in their new conference COMBINED add up to 1800+. Messwood is, almost literally, now the 900 pound gorilla in a petting zoo. If you're going to draw from a 1300 student population, then put on your big boy pants and play a D1 schedule. Then see whether you're buying playoff sticker for your helmets. Sheesh.
Jim Genthe October 25, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Hmm...13 days after the fact and still no listing of "hatred & venom"... Cow Dung, I fear we'll be wise not to hold our collective breath waiting...◕ ‿ ◕


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