See Awesome Trick Shots by Brookfield Kids

YouTube videos about your community by residents of your community. What Brookfield videos can be found? A couple of Brookfield kids did some amazing basketball shots, hacky sack shot and baseball hits.

What should a couple of kids do when they are bored? Hmmm... Make every shot possible and record it!

Two Brookfield kids made shots from several angels with a basketball, baseball, soccer ball, hacky sack, pool, ping pong ball, etc. 

Imagine how much time and effort was spent in making all those shots. That's dedication and talent!

About 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube. As long as you follow YouTube's policy, anyone can upload a video.

If you know of a YouTube video that highlights Brookfield? Send the link to viviana.buzo@patch.com and it could be featured on Brookfield Patch. Also, you can add your own video my submitting it to this video gallery.

Matt Schroeder February 02, 2013 at 07:10 PM
I was so excited when our editor found this on YouTube. Because if I had a video camera like this when I was 14, this is EXACTLY the sort of thing my friends and I would have done. Exactly.


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