Why Your Business Should Get Social in 2013

A few reasons your small business should get "Social" in 2013

What to Expect from Social Media in 2013

No. No. NO.  Social Media is not going anywhere, yes it here to stay. Small businesses will need to embrace this if you haven’t done so already. For those who are still in fear of jumping on the social media band wagon 2012 probably left you feeling a bit behind. Those of you who embraced it, well 2012 may have left you burnt out a bit “socially”. With so many options and new platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+  -  some of the big dogs) allot of people tried to tackle them all. Silly Silly (shaking my finger at you), now you know that it is impossible to successfully represent your business by trying to master all of the latest trending social networks. Pick one or two that make sense for your business , remember it is better to be good at one thing then bad at allot of things, don’t try to dominate them all plus I am sure you still have a business to run. 

As you plan (or maybe redo)  your marketing strategy for 2013 there are a few things to consider and a few things to expect in regards to social media.

People are tired of “the clutter” that comes along with social media but can’t live without it.

  • Engaging and attractive content is key.
  • Engaging and attractive content is key. ( I felt that was worth repeating because it is the most important)


As social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram break into the game their popularity is growing rapidly because the message is delivered simply through photos or visual aids quickly and with a precise message. Hence reducing “the clutter”.

  • Visual messages such as photos and graphs will see the highest engagement

People not only want to be informed but they want to feel connected and be in a relationship with you as a business, which I think this is a strange, we as humans socialize more through a device than speaking directly to each other yet we want to feel “loved” by a brand or business and feel as though they are a part of your family... hmmm yes I am shaking my head.

Another reason to get social, you will see more and more Industries who have shied away from social networks in the past , such as legal, medical fields, and schools are adjusting themselves to meet the needs of the connected consumer. What does this mean for you? Easy and simple now EVERYONE has a reason to plug in to social.

  • Anyone and everyone will be using social media to communicate, market, trade and sell.  As a result, anyone and everyone who benefits from them will be there also. (this = where your customers are and where you should be)
  • A few Social Media platforms that are sure to grow… Google+ ,  Instagram, and Slideshare
  • There will be new and better tools for businesses on social networks including enhanced ROI analytics

Social Media is the new norm and it is not going away.


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